Just to get away from the elections, I wandered in my mind and recalled a few firsts in my life; nothing earth shattering, but many of the memories have smiles buried in them.

Such as my first Guiness. It was at an Australian pub in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong back in 1973. Waltzing Matilda’s was its name, and to us, a bunch of young sailors, it was magic. I guess I won my first game of darts at this place as well, but that is another story altogether.

Then there was the first time I met Mrs Bohemian at Denver International. My, we have been to a lot of airports since then, but never enjoyed an airport more than at that particular moment. And to think I almost missed getting to Denver when I fell asleep in the departure lounge at LAX.

The first time I bought a bottle of wine using my best French, it turned out to be something even a sailor wouldn’t drink. Have had better luck, but I was so proud of my find of a fine 2008 Cote du Rhone that I took a picture of my disaster.

Worst bottle of wine ever

The Bohemian discovering the meaning of life

The first time I was in a state other than  North Dakota was when I caught a bus to see my sister in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Didn’t go to Las Vegas, nor Beverly Hills, nor the Crescent City: it was Rock Springs, Wyoming. Never cease to amaze myself.

The first time I flew in a helicopter was during the evacuation of Viet Nam. The staff I was on wanted to relocate me from the USS Dubuque to the USS Denver, or something like that. There was skinny little me, with one other radioman, and a bunch of armed Marines. Big armed Marines.

The first, and only, wrestling match I ever won was in Tioga, North Dakota.

My first experience with zip lining was in Costa Rica, the Caribbean side. While I have done it since, this one was special because it was my first time, and it was with Mrs Bohemian, and it wasn’t raining.

The first half marathon I ran was in Dundee, Scotland. Forty five degrees fahrenheit, slight wind, lots of hills, and a sense of accomplishment.

The first time I baby sat for my oldest grand daughter was a near disaster. I did everything in the wrong order, such as when to feed, when to bathe, when to take her for a walk. I am probably no better at it now than I was then.

The first time I went jet boating in New Zealand, I managed to chose the wrong side of the boat to sit in. Trust me, it matters.

The first time I was in Paris, I managed to arrive without my tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving necessities, and the only warm clothes I had was an original “Starsky and Hutch” sweater that didn’t keep the January cold out, at all.

The first time I ever ordered fish with the head still on it was in Hendaye, France, near the Spanish border.

Until next time, The Smiling Bohemians